Why Navy is Your Home's New Best Friend | Olivett

Why Navy is Your Home’s New Best Friend

Why Navy is Your Home's New Best Friend | Olivett


Up until a few years ago I never used to like the colour Navy. I used to think it was a boring colour and associate it with my old school uniforms. To be fair in all the 3 schools I went to, each of my uniforms were navy, so I guess you can forgive me for getting a little sick of it! However fast forward a few years and here I am wanting to shower my home accents of navy. Why you ask?…. Well although I didn’t quite appreciate as much in my school days, to me it is a colour of luxury. It instantly transforms your home into looking sophisticated and stylish, plus it’s the perfect accent colour during the autumn/winter months.

So if you’re like me and can appreciate how navy accents in your home can help it looking chic, then here are some of my top picks to add to your home.

Navy H&M Throw | Olivett

Throw // H&M

Glass Vase in Navy from M&S | OlivettVase // M&S

Blue Velvet Cushion from Next | Olivett

Cushion // Next

Cooper Floor Lamp Oliver Bonas | Olivett

Lamp // Oliver Bonas

Navy Plate from John Lewis | Olivett

Plate // John Lewis

Navy Velvet Sofa from Loaf | Olivett

Sofa // Loaf

Navy Napkins from John Lewis | Olivett

Napkins // John Lewis

Slate Coaster from Anthropologie | Olivett

Coaster // Anthropologie

Which are your favourite items? Let me know in the comments below and tell me if you will be incorporating navy into your home this Autumn/Winter?

Love Olivia x

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