Where to Find Interior Inspiration | Olivett

Where to Find Interior Inspiration

Where to Find Interior Inspiration | Olivett1. Unboxed – made.com

If you are on the hunt for new furniture then Made.com has some gorgeous pieces. Their range is quite bespoke in comparison to the generic high street stores, so if you are looking for a focal piece for your room, I would highly recommend taking a look.

A particular section of the website which I only discovered a few months ago is the ‘unboxed’ section, where customers send images of the furniture they have brought, styled in their own homes. It is a fantastic way to see what others have done with a piece of furniture and can give you great ideas of how to style your own home.

Where to Find Interior Inspiration | Olivett

2. Instagram

It’s no secret that I love Instagram – it’s my favourite social media app to use, and it is a place which I frequently turn to for inspiration.  I am not just talking about following specific interior accounts, some of my favourite accounts which are not solely focused on homes & interiors, are those that give me the inspiration that I need. It could be a cushion fabric in the background of someone’s snap or a picture of a coffee shop interior that my friend has posted, either way there are plenty of accounts out there that share gorgeous interiors and will help you find the look that you love.

Now that Instagram has now introduced the ‘save’ button, you can save a whole bunch of your favourite photos and only you can preview – perfect!. I like to use this function to create a mini-mood board of the interiors I come across, so that when it comes to decorating I have a good idea of the style and look I want each room to represent. Since using this new function it’s been easy to track which decorative styles I prefer, which is a great starting point if you are feeling lost as to what kind of ‘look’ you want a room to have. If I scroll through my saved photos it’s really apparent that I favour light & airy rooms, with hints of dark and somewhat moody colours such as navy and forest green. Gold and brushed brass are also two materials which pop up in almost all my saved photos, so I know they will definitely be making an appearance once we start decorating our new home.

I also love searching relevant hashtags to see what interior inspiration I can find. If you’re like me it is also a great way to have a little nosey at other people’s gorgeous homes. Here are some of my favourite hashtags which I use:

  • #victorianterrace
  • #myhomevibe
  • #myhomestyle
  • #interiorjourney
  • #interiorforyou

Where to Find Interior Inspiration | Olivett

3. Pinterest

I know, I know it’s an obvious one, but if you really want to find some great inspiration for your home then Pinterest won’t disappoint. Plus when you come across an image you love, it is likely that it is linked to some great websites, whether that be retailers or blogs, so it is a fantastic way of finding even more sources to inspire you. I’ve often found myself landing on retailers sites which I have never heard of before and finding some stunning pieces of furniture or decorative pieces.

I’ve found that the more you use Pinterest, the better it is. As with most social media sites, it begins to learn what you like and dislike, so when you next login you are presented with images which are tailored to your tastes. Remember to save or pin the images you like though as otherwise it will have no way of knowing what you prefer.

Another way to ensure you are generating images suited to your wants is to use specific search term to narrow down your results. This is especially important as Pinterest has such a vast amount of images, so it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of content it generates. I’ve found this is the best way to generate relevant images, unless you are of course happy to browse without a specific agenda.

Like Instagram, you can also save images which only you can view. You can do this by using secret boards. They are great if you are in the middle of a project which you are yet to reveal or are undecided on a certain piece of furniture. If you change your mind next week and decide that the statement chair is too wacky, then who needs to know. It is something which you can delete from your private board like it never happened!

Pinterest also has a great function which you can share boards with your loved ones. Me and my boyfriend have one which we both pin interiors we like, so we can get an image of the sort of look we both enjoy before we begin decorating. In fact we have several boards, for different rooms, so we can plan the look of each room together. I’m very aware that I am lucky in the sense that me and my boyfriend have very similar tastes and that we are both interested in interior design, therefore this function works great for us to share or ideas! However if you and your other half have differing tastes and you think it might spark an argument, I’d stay well clear and perhaps stick to your own, perhaps secret, boards!

Where to Find Interior Inspiration | Olivett

  1. Other Interior Bloggers

    Finally how could I write a post about interior inspiration without mentioning some of the fabulous bloggers who inspire me on a regular basis. Their homes are beautiful and there are all kinds of interior bloggers out there with different styles to suit your own, it is just a matter of finding the ones you love. But in the meantime I will leave you with some of my favourites, for you to take a sneak peek at and hopefully add to your sources of beautiful interior inspiration…

Where do you go to find your home inspiration? Let me know in the comments below.

Olivia x

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