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So about 2 weeks ago it was that time of year again, when you cannot believe where the year has gone and you realise it’s time to celebrate another birthday. This time I was turning 25 and in all honesty I wasn’t feeling that great about it. I guess it hit me that I was no longer 19 and I was heading ever closer to my late 20s. It baffles me to think about where the years have gone, I still feel like it was only a few months ago that I finished university (sadly it has now been 3 & half years) and I cannot believe that I am no longer a teenager just ‘winging it’. Saying that, don’t get me wrong, i’m very much still winging it, but I guess (like everyone else) I didn’t think I would be at 25.

Despite not feeling great about being another year older, I thought there is no point moping about time passing by, simply because there is nothing I can do about it! I instead decided to promised myself that I will embrace each year that goes by and look back on all the things I have achieved so far, even if I did ‘wing it’ to get there.

Zara A-line Jacquard Dress | Olivett
One of the things which I do look forward to when it comes to birthdays is seeing friends. I had a fantastic time celebrating in London with them, we all went out for dinner in Camden and then went for a night out in a soul bar, which I loved! I wore a black Zara dress, which was a very last minute purchase. I found it whilst shopping a few hours before we were due to go out – so I was pretty chuffed that I managed to find something to wear! The dress was a thick cotton material, with a lace embroidery detail around the hem and chest area. I loved the detailing and thought it was something which I could easily wear again, especially in winter paired with tights and some ankle boots. I always think you can’t go wrong with an LBD, as they are something you can throw on time and time again!

Adidas Gazelle Trainers Pink | Olivett
I was over the moon to find out that the trainers which I had been eyeing up for a while, had been very kindly bought for me as a present, from my boyfriend. They are the Adidas Gazelles in Pink and I can’t stop staring at them! I never thought I would own a pair of pink trainers (not at 25 anyway) but these are such a lovely dusty shade of pink, which I think are perfect for all seasons and will be a great transitional piece for those colder months. Last year the amount of blush pink which made an appearance in the shops for autumn/winter definitely increased and I for one, was all over it! So suffice to say, this year I will definitely be on the hunt for even more blush pink items to incorporate into my wardrobe. Perhaps I should do a blog post on wearable pink items for autumn/winter, let me know what you think?

So all in all, despite not liking the time flying by, I had a great birthday, spent with great people. Here is to being another year older and lets hope this year, is as great as the past ones have been!

Olivia x

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