Tips for relocating

Tips for relocating

 Tips for relocating
About a year ago I decided to take the plunge and move to a completely new area, a big city which is a world away from what I left behind. I was living with my parents in a small town – everyone knows everyone and I didn’t feel there was much hope of pursuing the career and lifestyle I would like if I stayed there. Saying that I thought I would find relocating a bit of a bumpy ride… mainly due to having to leave my family & some close friends behind. Surprisingly, the move has gone pretty positively (maybe one slight hitch) but we will gloss over me having a little cry when saying goodbye to my parents. I thought that some tips might help any of you that are feeling apprehensive about making a big move.

Plan ahead – if you have a few weeks or months until you make the move then one tip I would give you is to try and buy some of the essentials ahead of time. It may be a chore to transport but i’ve found that if I give myself enough time to research the items I need then I am more likely to invest in pieces which I really like. These then end up lasting me much longer, rather than being an impulse buy because ‘I need a duvet cover now’, which inevitably will end up being replaced a few months later.

Have a clear out
– be really strict with yourself, this is your opportunity to cut out all the unwanted stuff in your life. If you haven’t worn that top in a year then why not try sell it on ebay or depop? Are you still hanging onto those cuddly toys from when you were 5, then why not donate them to charity so that someone else can get some use out of them? It will make you feel much better and your head a lot clearer, if you get rid of the stuff you no longer use, rather than traipsing it all to your new home.

Embrace your new lifestyle
– if your moving somewhere completely different, embrace it, don’t sit and think about what your leaving behind, think about all the good that comes from your new move because there must have been a good enough reason to consider moving in the first place. If you’ve started a new job, make the most of it ask questions and get to know knew colleagues. If you’ve moved to a vibrant new city then grab your friends and go out and try that new cocktail bar that you’ve been eyeing up.

Throw yourself in
– meet new people, start a hobby, join a few classes or the gym.. allow yourself to meet new people and stay busy so that your not thinking about what you’ve left behind.

Host a get together
– invite friends over for drinks or a BBQ, having a good network of people around you will always ease any move. Alternatively why not ask friends or family to come visit.. show them the sights and it will make you feel more settled knowing they have been to see your new place.

– get to know the area, go on walks and find your way around. That way you are more likely to get the most out of, and enjoy, were you are living. Discover some quirky new bars and shops to show your loved ones when they come to visit, that way their trips will be all the sweeter.

What’s the worst that can happen?
– So you move and realise that you don’t like it. Then all you need to do is make the move back. So you have to get a new job? It won’t be the end of the world. You have to believe in yourself and take the plunge, because that’s what life is all about right?.. taking risks and enjoying yourself!

Olivia x

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