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The Spring Edit | A Home Refresh

Finally spring is here… after months of cold drizzly weather, it’s finally starting to feel much brighter and warmer here in England, especially now the clocks have gone forward. I love the feeling that summer is on the way and that the days are longer, in fact It was the light nights and welcomed sunshine which started me thinking about how I can inject a bit of a spring into my home. I decided to put together a spring edit, for anyone else who is thinking along the same lines as me and are wanting to give their home a refresh this season.

Spring Home Update | The Olivett

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When I think of spring I automatically think of colour… blue skies, blossoming flowers and beaming sunshine. The season is all about those fabulous colours which start to come alive and brighten up the world around us. Colour is something I look for when picking new items for my home in spring time. However, me being me, i’m naturally drawn to the slightly muted colours, the soft pastels, which create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere. I’m not the biggest fan of bold primary colours within the home, don’t get me wrong I do like bold colours in moderation, it’s just I prefer softer shades, which can still make a statement. This is reflected in the items I chose for this spring edit and I think they are perfect for anyone who would love to add a spring-like, feminine touch to their home.

Let me know which is your favourite item in the comments below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more interiors inspiration.

Olivia x

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