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We all want to look our best and have a wardrobe full of great pieces which make us feel like a queen, but up until a few years ago I thought that meant shelling out a ton of money for designer items. I thought that quality meant a hefty price tag and looking sophisticated meant wearing big names. Luckily enought that really isn’t the case anymore in an industry where brands are able to provide us with the same look as designer stores, for a fraction of the price.  High street shops are more than ever, keeping a track on those designer runways, in order to provide us with some great and affordable alternatives. Something that I really rely on when shopping for new items to add to my collection. Don’t get me wrong I love designer items and I would jump at the chance to own a Chloe bag or a pair of Valentino Rockstuds, but right now that just isn’t an option and I know that I’m not on my own here. So that’s why I’ve put together some of the best designer dupes for this Autumn, so that if you’re in the same position as me, you too can rock the designer look for a fraction of the price!

The Chloe Bag
Chloe Faye Dupe | Olivett

Chloe / Mango

It seems like everyone and their mum has got one of these Chloe bags. I can’t scroll though Instagram without seeing one of my favourite bloggers posting a snap of one of these bags… and quite rightly too! I just love the simplistic design of these Chloe bags, it gives a slight nod to 60s fashion too, which I love and seems to be everywhere this autumn. Mango have brought out this lovely khaki alternative, so that you can join the hype for a lot less money.

The Aviator Jacket

Reiss Biker Jacket Dupe | Olivett

Reiss / Topshop

I went shopping yesterday and found quite a few dupes for this style of jacket in the high street shops – so there is plenty of choice out there. I just love the effortless look of this jacket, there is something  quite cool about it too. Why not try throwing it on over a floaty autumnal dress, with tights and ankle boots, to toughen up a feminine outfit whilst keeping you nice and toasty.

The Studded Boots


Chloe Susanna Dupes | Olivett

Chloe / River Island

These boots are bound to get people talking. The eye catching stud detail and classic cowboy style will help transform an everyday outfit into a statement look. I’ve seen these Chloe boots popping up on my social media accounts for the past few weeks and I knew that it would be only a matter of time before the highstreet shops start creating their own version.. que River Island with this statement pair!

The Suede Jacket

Reiss Suede Jacket Dupe | Olivett

Reiss / River Island

I’ve spent many a month eyeing up this Reiss jacket, but always knew that it was way more expensive than I can currently afford. So when I saw this amazing River Island jacket in the shops a few weeks ago, it went straight on my want list. They also do it in a variety of different colours, but I have my eye on this lovely grey colour and the navy one. I couldn’t believe the price either, that is such great value for a coat that is a classic cut and is likely to always be on trend in years to come.

I hope you found some useful alternatives for your autumn wardrobe. Please leave me a comment and let me know which is your favourite.

Love Olivia x

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