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I first picked up Cocoa Brown Tan after seeing that blogger babe Sarah Ashcroft uses it and I thought if it’s good enough for her, then it’s good enough for me! So I headed down to my local Superdrug and picked myself up a bottle of their 1 hour tan mousse.
It claims to give you a tan in as little as 1 hour, or alternatively, you can leave it on your skin for up to 3 hours for a darker colour – perfect if you’re in a rush or you’re someone who doesn’t like having to wait for your tan to develop.

At first I was a little apprehensive that if I left the mousse on my skin for too long that I would end up with an unnaturally dark colour for my very fair skin tone. However after a bit of online research I discovered that others who had used it got a lovely colour after 3 hours of having the mousse on, so I went ahead with my first application.

In order to prep my skin I used the Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion which is a great light weight moisturiser, perfect for using under a tanning lotion or mousse. This one smells gorgeous and is mango scented – I know they also have several different scents to choose from, so there is something for everyone. I slathered my body in this, making sure I paid particular attention to dry areas, such as elbows and knees.

Before Cocoa Brown Tan Application | Olivett
Before application

The mousse has a hint of tan colour to it, so it makes it easy to see where you have and haven’t applied it. It is also subtle enough to avoid making you look like an Oompa Loompa whilst you wait to wash your tan off! I didn’t smell any hint of fake tan smell at this point, so I think you could easily head out in public if you needed to, whilst you waited for it to develop, and there wouldn’t be any worries that you’re smelling of biscuits.

Once I had applied the mousse, I waited around 3 hours before I popped in the shower to wash it off. There still wasn’t any hint of fake tan smell which I was extremely happy about as it is something which can put me off a tan, almost immediately. Whilst in the shower I noticed a small amount of the guide colour come off, so you may want to give your shower a wipe down afterwards, especially if you have a white shower suite.

Once the mousse was washed off I had a nice subtle tan, which was very natural and not obviously from a bottle. I was really happy with the colour on my body for everyday, however my legs didn’t appear to absorb much of the tan and I wasn’t able to see a lot of difference in colour.

After 3 Hour Application Cocoa Brown Tan | OlivettAfter 3 hour application

I decided that upon my next application I would leave the tan on for longer on my legs, in the hope that they would be darker. This time I left the tan to develop over night, which was about 7 hours and I was happy to see that my legs looked darker when I woke up. The tan was extremely comfortable to sleep with on, it did not feel sticky and I was not overly aware that I had something on my skin, so it was a comfortable nights sleep.

After 7 Hour Application Cocoa Brown Tan | OlivettAfter 7 hour application

My legs are notoriously difficult to tan (especially the bottom half) so this may have been the reason why they didn’t appear to develop much colour over the initial 3 hours. However I am really happy with the colour it gave once I used it over night, it was very natural and provided a healthy glow, without the dreaded orange colour. Despite not being able to get a tan in as quick as an hour, I am really impressed with the application, feel and colour of this mousse. For £7.99 I really can’t complain and it even rivals some of the more higher end tans I have used such as St. Tropez or Xen Tan. I will definitely be picking this up again and I am happy to find a comfortable tan, which provides a great colour and doesn’t develop a smell of biscuits.

Olivia x

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