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One thing I never thought I would say, in my adult life that is, is that i’m loving all things pink when it comes to interiors. So much so that i’ve even started a pinterest board purely dedicated to pink. But don’t worry I’m not going to go painting all the walls of my flat a bright fuscia, i’m just talking about hints of blush pink here and there. If you like the design of sketch london… then I think were on the same wave length here. since I can’t stop pinning away I thought I would share with you guys some of my favourite designs which I am hoping to incorporate into my home (if my boyfriend will let me that is).


pink plates


pink sofa


pink kitchen


pink clock


pink foot stool

pink bed


pink door

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How to Save for Your First Home

How to save for your first home


So me and my boyfriend recently managed to save up a deposit to buy our first home. It’s been a long process but one that I think is well worth it, especially as ever since I was little I dreamed of owning and transforming my own place. I have always had such a passion for interiors, so with the added bonus of the security that owning your own home gives you, it just felt right. Unfortunately we all know that these days it’s not quite as easy to get a mortgage let alone save for a deposit, so I thought i’d share with you all exactly how we have managed to do it, in the hope that any of you who are wishing to get your foot on the property ladder, get a shot of owning your own home too.

Stay With Your Parents (If You Can).
Now I know this may be easier said than done, especially if you have been to university or moved out already and got some independence, then the last thing you will be wanting to do is stay in your family home again. But trust me, you will thank me for it later. Once I had left university I stayed with my parents for 18 months to save as much money as possible before I moved out and during that time I was having a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, so the temptation to just up and move in with him was massive. But I knew I would thank myself for it later down the line and it was an investment in our future together. To be honest staying with my parents was great, I have a fantastic relationship with my parents and they were so kind in letting me stay there rent free so that I could build up my savings much quicker, but even if you do end up paying your parents some rent, I bet it will be a damn sight cheaper than what you would spend on living in your own place, once you add on bills and food. Plus think of the positives, you will probably end up sharing the housework, so you wont have to make dinner and wash up every night like you do when you live in your own place.

Review Your Finances
Looking through your in-goings and out-goings can be so valuable to see where your money is going. It’s amazing how a few drinks at the pub, once a week, can start adding up. I sat down with a notepad and tallied up what food, going out, shopping, running my car etc. cost me and then I looked at what I could cut out to save me some money. This including things like me trying to find cheaper alternatives, if I couldn’t cut them out all together, such as finding cheaper car insurance. Once I had done that, it made me more conscious of how much things were costing me and I would restrict myself more, whilst still having a good time and treating myself every now and then.

Set an Amount to Save Every Month and Stick to it
This is something I stuck to religiously. I looked at what was the largest, yet most realistic amount for me to save every month and I made sure I did it. Once I got my paycheck I would transfer that money into a savings account so that I wasn’t able to spend it. I think for me if I hadn’t put that money away immediately at the start of every month I could have easily dipped into it when I went on a night out or spent the day shopping with friends, but since I never really saw that money in my bank account I wasn’t tempted to spend it.

Save What is Left Over at the End of the Month
If I ever had anything left over at the end of each month I tended to pop that towards my savings as I knew even a spare £20 here and there would all add up over time and accumulate into something bigger. It may not seem much but it all adds up and it’s actually quite fun to see your savings account grow!

Do Your Research
Even before you are starting to seriously look at buying a house, it is worth researching some of the government schemes and ISAs which are designed to help first time buyers. For example with the help of the UK government you can now buy homes with just a 5% deposit, so if you’re buying a £200,000 home, you will need to save £10,000 as a deposit, which is still a lot of money, but it is a hell of a lot less than what deposit rates used to be. Alternatively you can buy a proportion of your home and part own it with the government, using a shared ownership scheme, if you cannot quite afford the full amount of your home. Whatever your circumstances now is a good time to get searching online and making inquiries into what help is out there as the government is well aware of how hard it is for first time buyers and there is support out there.

Look at Savings Accounts
I discovered the government help to buy ISAs which offer to add £50 to your total, for every £200 you put in – that’s essentially adding 25% to your pot of money. Unfortunately there is a cap on how much you can put in each month (max £200) and on the total savings you can have in the account before they will stop topping it up (max £12,000). But either way that extra money has helped us considerably and especially as both me and my boyfriend were able to have our own accounts. We were both able to save £200 each month and with the extra £50 each topping us up, this made our monthly savings £500. ISAs in general are a great way to save money because in most cases the money is locked into the account for a certain amount of months or years, which is really helpful if you are trying to be strict with your savings and you are at the start of your house saving journey. However they’re not so good if you think you will be buying anytime soon, as you may have to pay a penalty for withdrawing your money early. With that being said it’s always a good idea not to put all your money into an ISA as we all know rainy days do happen and it is good to have some cash in an accessible bank account if any unforeseen bills creep up on you.

Sell Your Old Stuff
Me and James did several ‘clear outs’ when we were saving (and still do) to free up some extra cash. My parent’s garage was full of things we didn’t use any more, so it was the perfect place to start to find things we could sell. We would regularly round up old toys, furniture, clothes etc. and take them to a local car boot (FYI if you haven’t done a car boot before they are great fun), we would always make at least £50ish, sometimes over £100, for things we weren’t even using. I also would sell things on gumtree or ebay or depop so that we could round up all the spare cash we could get. One thing I found useful to do is to put the cash in a safe place straight away and not in your purse, unless before you know if your dipping into the profits and your savings won’t benefit.


I hope some of these tips were useful in helping you think of ways to save up your money and hopefully get you on the property ladder as soon as possible. I think the main thing to remember is be strict with yourself but don’t stop yourself from having fun. It’s easy to go out and spend money without much thought when you’re earning but you will be so grateful for all those sacrifices you made when your in your new home.

Olivia x

Tips for relocating

 Tips for relocating
About a year ago I decided to take the plunge and move to a completely new area, a big city which is a world away from what I left behind. I was living with my parents in a small town – everyone knows everyone and I didn’t feel there was much hope of pursuing the career and lifestyle I would like if I stayed there. Saying that I thought I would find relocating a bit of a bumpy ride… mainly due to having to leave my family & some close friends behind. Surprisingly, the move has gone pretty positively (maybe one slight hitch) but we will gloss over me having a little cry when saying goodbye to my parents. I thought that some tips might help any of you that are feeling apprehensive about making a big move.

Plan ahead – if you have a few weeks or months until you make the move then one tip I would give you is to try and buy some of the essentials ahead of time. It may be a chore to transport but i’ve found that if I give myself enough time to research the items I need then I am more likely to invest in pieces which I really like. These then end up lasting me much longer, rather than being an impulse buy because ‘I need a duvet cover now’, which inevitably will end up being replaced a few months later.

Have a clear out
– be really strict with yourself, this is your opportunity to cut out all the unwanted stuff in your life. If you haven’t worn that top in a year then why not try sell it on ebay or depop? Are you still hanging onto those cuddly toys from when you were 5, then why not donate them to charity so that someone else can get some use out of them? It will make you feel much better and your head a lot clearer, if you get rid of the stuff you no longer use, rather than traipsing it all to your new home.

Embrace your new lifestyle
– if your moving somewhere completely different, embrace it, don’t sit and think about what your leaving behind, think about all the good that comes from your new move because there must have been a good enough reason to consider moving in the first place. If you’ve started a new job, make the most of it ask questions and get to know knew colleagues. If you’ve moved to a vibrant new city then grab your friends and go out and try that new cocktail bar that you’ve been eyeing up.

Throw yourself in
– meet new people, start a hobby, join a few classes or the gym.. allow yourself to meet new people and stay busy so that your not thinking about what you’ve left behind.

Host a get together
– invite friends over for drinks or a BBQ, having a good network of people around you will always ease any move. Alternatively why not ask friends or family to come visit.. show them the sights and it will make you feel more settled knowing they have been to see your new place.

– get to know the area, go on walks and find your way around. That way you are more likely to get the most out of, and enjoy, were you are living. Discover some quirky new bars and shops to show your loved ones when they come to visit, that way their trips will be all the sweeter.

What’s the worst that can happen?
– So you move and realise that you don’t like it. Then all you need to do is make the move back. So you have to get a new job? It won’t be the end of the world. You have to believe in yourself and take the plunge, because that’s what life is all about right?.. taking risks and enjoying yourself!

Olivia x

Velvet dreams credit:

Me and my boyfriend have very recently had an offer accepted on our first flat together and of course that means that i’ve been pouring over everything home decor related. Even before we got the flat I would happily spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and browsing interior magazines for inspiration, so things have now hit a whole new level.

A recent trend which i’ve seen make a come back is velvet, which I think if styled correctly can look beautiful. Forget the hideous velvet curtains that your grandparents used to rock, i’m talking about accent seating.

2016-07-13_1934Image credit: Marlous Nieuwland

There is something about velvet which oozes expensive style and adds a bit of class to a room. For me it is the substantial, yet soft texture which creates the glamour. But I think some of us associate velvet with traditional interiors, which is proving to be a thing of the past, as shown by this stunning blue chair. Its angular frame and slate blue colour gives it a modern twist, which would easily compliment a contemporary home.

Image credit:

Daring to be different can also create beautiful interiors for your home. Take this soft blush pink piece, which admittedly would not be many peoples first choice of colour for their furniture. It provides a lovely feminine piece which would work perfectly as an accent chair for a dressing table. You could style it with crisp white walls, to make the pink pop or pair it with soft pastels, like duck egg blue, for a complimentary colour scheme.

How would you style velvet in your home?

Olivia x

Relaunching Olivett…

Relaunching Olivett


After loosing my blog to a mixture of pretty nasty technical issues, me being a complete newbie at this blogging malarkey and life just running away with me, I finally have it up and running again….Hallelujah!! It has felt strange not being able to type away about my thoughts and feelings on whatever takes my fancy. I had begun to get into a little routine with blog post prep, writing, photography etc. so boy am I glad to get back into the swing of things.

I’m planning on getting a schedule together this week, so that things can be a bit more organised this time round and that I don’t end up loosing my hard work again DUH.

I’m excited for lots new content… so watch this space and enjoy 🙂

Olivia x


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