An Update on Our New Home | Olivett

An Update on Our New Home

An Update on Our New Home | Olivett

I thought it was about time that I caught you all up on what is currently happening with the purchase of our new home. If you remember last year, we had found a modest maisonette close to the city centre, which we had an offer accepted on. As all first time buyers we were excited about the prospect of finally being able to purchase our first home. Especially as it is something I have wanted to do from such a young age; however we were very aware that having an offer accepted is far from getting your hands of the keys and moving yourself in. We went through all the normal motions of arranging a mortgage, legal paperwork and surveys etc, when the cracks started to begin to show. The report back from the surveyors highlighted some fundamental problems with the property and to cut a long story short, we were told that despite the property being advertised as a 2 bed flat, it was in fact only a 1 bed and there was an almost zero chance of us being able to do the work needed to be done, to ensure it is a 2 bed property. To add insult to injury the sellers decided to keep quiet about this for several months, knowing full well that they had not had the extra room signed off and in the end they decided to offer us an insurance policy to compensate. The policy essentially would pay out if we were ever challenged on the compliance with building regulations for the 2nd ‘bedroom’, and would supposedly pay out for any work needed to be done to rectify this. Well considering there was no chance of us being able to do said work, we laughed at the hilarious offer, accepted that this had been one of those life lessons, cut our losses and got out of there!

Fast forward about 8 months and this is when we can truly appreciate the saying that ‘everything happens for a reason’.  Things are looking a lot brighter for us, our financial situation has improved and we are now able to afford a much bigger and better property. We have in fact had an offer accepted on a new home, which we are incredibly hopeful will run a lot smoother this time, but again you never know!

Although I know anything can happen and it could quite easily go wrong again, I just can’t help myself thinking about how I would like to style the new space. I have been on Pinterest almost daily, thinking about colour schemes and decor, so assuming that everything goes well this time (cross your fingers for me) I think there will be a lot more interiors content here on the blog for you to browse through.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday, please don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram for more interior inspiration!

Olivia x


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