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First things first, if you can not dream about designer handbags at Christmas then when can you? I for one probably spend way too much time searching online for the perfect designer handbags which realistically I really don’t have the funds to purchase, but regardless we can all hope that Santa might drop one off whilst he is doing his rounds on Christmas Eve. If any of you are lucky enough to be able to consider receiving a designer beauty this year, then here are my top 5 recommendations as to what to add to your wish list.

Gucci Marmont - 5 Designer Handbags to Add to Your Christmas List | Olivett1. Gucci Marmont Chevron-Velvet Cross Body Bag

If you gave me a wod of cash and told me I could spend it on anything I want this Christmas, this baby would be it! I’ve been lusting after it for months now and with Christmas just around the corner, it seems like this could be the perfect thing to add to your wishlist – that is if you’re someone who does presents on a larger scale! The gorgeous emerald green velvet finish, just oozes ‘festive’ vibes to me – it is the bag that I think would add the finishing touch to a wrapped up winter outfit. In all honesty I never would have thought to buy a bag in green, as originally I wouldn’t have thought it would fit with all the clothes in my wardrobe, but this bag is such a lovely rich shade that I think it works quite nicely with the everyday neutral tones that I tend to wear. Plus what better way to add some colour to an outfit than with a Gucci bag.

YSL Tassel Shoulder Bag - 5 Designer Handbags to Add to Your Christmas List | Olivett

2. YSL Monogram Medium Leather Tassel Shoulder Bag, in Nude

I have Kate La Vie to thank for introducing me to this bag – if you haven’t already checked out her Instagram.. then go, go, go! It is full of all things clean, bright and aesthetically pleasing, everything she snaps is b-e-a-utiful, you won’t be dissapointed! Anyways back to the bag..this is every girly-girls dream bag. This particular one is in a soft pink shade, yet it doesn’t look ‘young’ as I think pink can look sometimes, especially on bags. Rather it looks sophisticated and elegant, thanks to the gold hardware and the tassle gives it that extra touch of glam. Anyone who is lucky enough to unwrap this bag on Christmas day is winning!

Louis Vuitton - 5 Designer Handbags to Add to Your Christmas List | Olivett

3. Louis Vuitton Capucines PM
If you’re looking for a bag which can double up as something to be worn for work and for everyday, then I think this Louis Vuitton bag is a great option. It’s smart and structured enough to wear for work, but the print on the handle adds a bit of fun and is interesting enough to wear out for dinner or shopping. Although it is black I think the handle is the extra bit of detail which makes it something special, without being too over the top for work wear. I especially love the grain of the leather, as it is more textured, it looks very durable and is less likely to be scratched if you are going to be using it a lot – because let’s not lie, if you’re going to spending a lot of money on a bag, you want to get a lot of wear out of it!

Eddie Borgo Boyd Vanity - 5 Designer Handbags to Add to Your Christmas List | Olivett

4. Eddie Borgo Boyd Vanity in Blonde/Maple

What screams festive more than velvet? Hint: Nothing! From the first time I saw this bag it was one that I instantly dreamt about styling with my winter wardrobe. I love the flecks of gold in the finish which create an extra luxe feel – perfect to finish off your look. Its smaller size makes it the ideal party bag to take with you to any events that you might be attending and the muted tones mean it will pair well with a whole host of different outfit choices! Whilst I love Eddie Borgo, I also think it isn’t a brand which you necessarily see a lot. Whereas you are bound to see a few Chanel bags floating around this party season – I have a sneaky feeling you will be rocking an Eddie Borgo with the satisfaction of knowing it is a more bespoke brand of bag.

Chloe Faye Mini - 5 Designer Handbags to Add to Your Christmas List | Olivett

5. Mini Chloe Faye in Cloudy Blue

Alternatively why not stick with a trusty Chloe Faye bag? This design is a classic and has got so many ladies loving it for a reason. It’s flap over design with gold hard wear toughens up the soft, girly look whilst still looking effortlessly chic. Plus the 60s vibe this bag provides is bang on trend and has been for quite some time. I haven’t however seen many of these bags in this gorgeous dusky blue and greyish-teal combo, which is what originally caught my eye! It is an unusual colour combo, which is so wearable and will take you from autumn-winter all the way through to summer and spring. If you want to invest in a classic designer bag, which you can use all year round, then is definitely a contender.


I hope you liked my top 5 designer handbags which I think should be on every girls Christmas list. Let me know which is your favourite or what would be on your list, in the comments below. Plus don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin, to make sure you never miss a post.

Olivia x

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